“The benefits of a massage from Kathie are numerous. I am kind of a high-strung, stressed out mess…but after a massage with Kathie, I remain in a state of relaxation that lasts for a good, long  while.  Kathie really understands pain, and that enables her to work with me on my areas of pain in a personal and effective manner. I feel a connection with Kathie that is both spiritual and unspoken. I am deeply appreciative for the role she plays in my life’s journey.”   Rick B.

“I have been seeing Kathie for massage for six months now. I believe in and prefer a deeper massage, as I think it has a stronger and  more positive effect on my body overall. Kathie’s massages can go particularly deep into the tissues, and I can really feel the difference in my body after each massage. I am able to go deeply into myself and the massage process through breathing, and my trust in Kathie and her work allows us to communicate together through breathing to maximize the massage experience.”   Jen L.

“I have been going to Kathie for massage for well over a year. Getting massages has been a regular part of my self-care for many years. I can honestly say that Kathie is one of the very best. She listens to her clients and treats them as individuals, focusing on exactly what they need. It is obvious that she remains present to her work throughout the entire massage. Recently, we have been having Kathie come out to our house to do in-home massages, which has been wonderful. I have recommended Kathie to many of my friends and will continue to do so. I am certain that anyone who receives a massage from her will be happy, and like myself, will return again and again.” Barbara D.

“I have benefitted from many massages from Kathie. As a professional and highly skilled massage therapist, Kathie focuses on my physical needs both intuitively and compassionately. She is completely present and aware of the subtle, or not so subtle, changes occurring during the session. This ability allows for a certain spontaneity and flexibility which I believe is the mark of a true healer. I always leave feeling like I received a massage created just for me and my individual goals.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Kathie to anyone in need of massage therapy.”

Ann L.

“Massage has been part of my health regimen for 20+ years. I recently moved to Bellingham, and Kathie has been a great “find”. She takes time to understand my muscle/pain issues, and then proceeds to match my massage to that. She has a true healing technique along with a great personality. Her office is warm and inviting, the music is always relaxing, and a heated table in colder months adds to the comfort. I highly recommend Kathie.” Suzanne R.

“Since age 23, I have suffered from back and neck spasms from a lifetime of handball, skiing, and golf. Chiropractors have managed the pain, but long term benefits seemed to elude me. Fifteen years ago, at the urging of my wife, I tried massage therapy. I have had zero back spasms since then.

Since Kathie started working on me last year, my flexibility has greatly improved and I am still skiing the bumps and black diamond runs and my golf game has improved. She is by far the best massage therapist I have had. For me, massage therapy is not a self indulgence, but a necessity.

Thanks, Kathie!”

Jim R., still very active at 70 years of age

“I first saw Kathie at the Fairhaven Farmer’s Market last summer. I had experienced a work related injury to my back and neck, and was in quite a bit of pain. When I saw her chair massage booth, I headed straight that way! Within 20 minutes, she was able to provide me with increased comfort and pain relief.

Needless to say, I was impressed by her skills, as well as her commitment to her work. Kathie’s philosophy and goal is to provide “One Massage at a Time”, to ensure that each of her client’s needs are met to the fullest capacity. She is thorough, takes her time, and provides a professional, yet relaxing environment for her services. I am so grateful to have met her, and believe that everyone should experience her work!” Kendra M.

“I often experience chronic pain, and even during times of extreme stress, I walk away from my sessions with Kathie pain free and relaxed. What a gift to know that my body can experience deep relaxation and let go of pain. It seems that the more we work together, the faster and better the results. Kathie is able to work very deeply, more so than many LMP’s I have worked with. This works especially well for me.” Maureen K.