“I have a long history of physical problems due to back and neck injuries sustained in a large truck collision back in 1996. When I recently decided to give massage a try for some pain relief, I looked long and hard for the ‘right’ massage therapist. I have tried many physical therapists and a few massage therapists over the years, but none have improved my discomfort, and with some I was left in more agony.

In searching for a massage therapist, I studied many a website and read many a testimonial. None seemed to click until I read what Kathie had to say. She is truly as soft as her words and as professional as her website. When I first interviewed with Kathie, I wasn’t sure how to answer her question of ‘what specifically was it that I needed?’ I did the generic thing and just told her to do what she does. Good choice!

During the first massage session, Kathie discovered range of motion issues with my neck, and spent much focused time working on improving that. For years I have been unable to lie flat on back, pillow-less, and touch my head to the surface without excruciating discomfort. By the end of the second massage session, I was able to do just that and that has continued to be the case. Thanks so much, Kathie, and I look forward to seeing you for more sessions soon!” Bob S.