“About 15 Massage Therapists have worked on me throughout my lifetime, including some very experienced and highly trained LMP’s. Kathie Tupper gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. Kathie’s motto is “One Massage at a Time”. Let me tell you, Kathie takes that very seriously. Two examples stand out: 1. While I was still in my street clothes, we talked about my Medical History for 15 minutes. Kathie took plenty of time to look at my input, and she and I also went through all the salient points together. She was 100% “with me” during that process. 2. With regard to Deep Tissue Work, Pain is always involved. The question is always “How much is too much?” Too little and nothing happens; too much, and I feel worse than ever. All Lmp’s back off when you ask them to: usually they cut the pressure by half. Kathie’s so aware, so present, she can back off from an 8 to a 7. And that makes all the difference…It’s just right! That’s what “One Massage at a time” means. Don R