“I had a very messy break in my femur and was getting standard physical therapy which seemed to be the right approach. While resting from a therapy session I wondered if there was anything else physically I could be doing. Kathie came into my recovery protocol soon after that and I have been happy and grateful of the fortuitous meeting.

There were physical considerations I had not considered and the “regular recovery” plan did not seem to address those issues. By massaging and lightly stretching the adjacent areas, Kathie was able to keep the muscle groups from adhering to one another. The blunt trauma and scalpels had done their job and it became our job to work together for the best outcome. I feel that my recovery is due in great part to Kathie’s knowledge of the body and the interdependence of it’s parts, and when I return to the area I plan to continue the beneficial body work and healing.” ~ P. Skelton Hawi, Hawaii