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Mom’s love roses 🙂

Mother’s Day is this Sunday…and I have been thinking much about the role of Mothers. We all have or have had one, some of us are one, often directly, sometimes by virtue of marriage, or indirectly to a favorite child or pet, or any of a number of ways we get to act and be maternal and care-taking towards someone or something. There is no question in my mind, as I approach my first anniversary of practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist, that a good part of my massage style involves some sense of maternal care-taking.

What does this mean for my clients? It means that I will always pay attention to how my clients arrive at the office, and what else is going on besides the immediate presentation of their physical selves. What stressors are present? What are they dealing with in their lives? What else are they literally bringing to the table? What do they need from me while they are here? How can my touch be both therapeutic and healing, AND comforting and reassuring at the same time?

I don’t really have an answer for how that happens for my clients, but I believe most times it does. I can say that I approach each massage with attention on a physical level to the needs of the various muscles and tissues of the body, and with intention on a holistic level to creating an overall sense of well being and completeness with each massage. My desire is for each client to leave my office feeling whole and complete…one body, one massage at a time.

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