Top 10 Reasons to get Massage Part 2

Couples Massage

Regular massage is part of a healthy lifestyle

6. As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle I believe this is one of the most important reasons to get massage regularly. I have seen great results for people who incorporate regular massage into a holistic health plan and view it as an essential part of their overall quality of life, along the lines of exercise, getting enough sleep, eating right, meditation, and all those other good things we really want to do for ourselves.

7. They want something FIXED This can be anything: the aftermath of an injury, a tight neck and shoulders, a muscular imbalance resulting from a long-time postural presentation or compensation, an overuse syndrome like Runner’ knee or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…what I always tell people is that there is never a guarantee or promise of a fix, but that I will promise to do my best to help ease their pain, and to bring some understanding of how and why their bodies present as they do, and how they can both work at change and accept that which is the way it is. Obviously, not everything can be fixed by massage, but I do believe everyBODY can be helped by massage!

8. As a link, a Connection to Something Bigger than Ourselves I see this as having to do with the universal importance of a healing touch and feeling cared for and nurtured. Sometimes in our society it seems like touch is underrated and undervalued, and massage is a great and legitimate way to experience the benefits of connecting with another human being on a personal, yet professional basis.

9. As Maintenance for the Body Everything does better with regular maintenance–our cars, our homes, our relationships, and certainly our bodies, minds, and souls. Massage is one of the best ways to maintain ourselves in this inherently crazy thing we call life!

10. Because it makes us feel Content! I rarely see clients leaving a massage uptight or frazzled. I see clients arrive that way, and gosh knows I have been that client, rushing frantically to get to the massage on time to relax! Once there, it is my experience, both as a client and as a practitioner, that massage truly leaves one in a state of greatly increased calm, and with a sense of peace and satisfaction that is nearly unbeatable in our hectic culture.

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.