Thoughts on the New Year

Since we are just about to end an old year and start a new one, I wanted to recap what I have learned from my massage journey this year, and what I hope to have happen as we enter 2013.

Welcome to my websiteI graduated from Port Townsend School of Massage in May of 2012. I opened up an office in old Fairhaven in Bellingham in July of 2012, and business has been steadily growing since then and I am loving my space! I am practicing in the same building where I received my first massage ever, about 20 years ago. The energy of the building is fantastic and I absolutely love how things came full circle with this.

I have been refining my passions for and techniques of massage over the past six months. I have developed a true fondness for doing a combination of relaxation, deep tissue and treatment massage, working on specific areas of stress, tension, pain and musculoskeletal overuse symptoms with my clients. I feel that I have a real knack for this and a definite ability to help clients with their issues. I understand and appreciate the challenges that life offers up daily and how those stresses accumulate and get stored in our bodies as trigger points, “knots”, and areas of chronic pain and muscle reactivity. I have seen that even a single massage session can bring about profound change for people who have rarely if ever experienced massage, and regular massage for those clients and massage veterans both can be a huge cornerstone in the effort towards improved health overall. There is no better way for me to integrate in and pass on to you the very apparent benefits of massage than to share the testimony of some of my clients, and to say that I have been extremely pleased to have contributed to the increase in quality of life for so many people this year.

As we head into 2013, my goal is to continue to make a difference in our Bellingham community in the most effective way I can. I am taking courses to receive an Advanced Certification in Orthopedic massage, which will allow me to gain skills and confidence with treatment massage to more effectively serve clients with injury and recovery needs, recent orthopedic and chronic conditions, the billing of insurance companies, and working more closely with the medical community. I will always offer relaxation massage to clients who simply want to let go for awhile, and I will continue to customize each client’s massage to meet their needs at each visit. My promise to you in 2013 is that I will give you my full attention during your massage with the full intention of making it the most effective, healing, and enjoyable experience possible.

Happy New Year and a wish for great health to all!

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.

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