Thoughts on Relaxing into Massage — My Clients Take, Part 1

RelaxThis is the first of a two part series on what practices my clients employ to help them relax before massage and once they are on the table. This first post lists some responses to the question “What (if anything) do you do to prepare for massage before your appointment to put you into a relaxing mind set before your massage?”  Here is a sampling of client responses:


I don’t do any work before my massage because I don’t want to feel stressed.”

“I drink some extra water in the morning before massage, eat a lighter than normal meal, and, most importantly, I allow enough time to get to the massage so I am not rushed and I will easily be on time. I live in Fairhaven so I always walk to my massage and enjoy the time walking and mentally preparing for my massage.”

I start anticipating and looking forward to the massage the week it is scheduled. I try to schedule my massages after some big event, so I will feel ready and deserving. I tend to push myself just a little harder during the days leading up to massage because I know relief is coming.”

I consciously begin to tell myself to relax in the hours before my massage so my body is ready and knows what to do when I get there.”

“I take a shower and shave my legs.”

I drink water and remind myself to start getting out of my mind and into my body.”

“I do my best to get all of my daily chores done before my massage, so I can fully take home and enjoy the relaxing benefits of the massage.”

“I work out just a little bit harder in anticipation of the relief to come from having tight muscles worked on.”

I take a bath and walk to my massage in order to get into a relaxing frame of mind.”  

Some clients find taking a warm shower or bath before massage helps them to relax.

Some clients find taking a warm shower or bath before massage helps them to relax.

I don’t do a whole lot to prepare for the massage, actually. Though I do try to time it for some theme that’s going on in my life, and there’s usually one that’s easy enough to pin point at any given time. Something to celebrate, something to meditate on, sometimes a thing to let go of. Massage seems to wring inspiration from my body, so regular massage helps me think about the things that are important to me, and usually in different ways than before I get on the table.”


Please feel free to share any tips on what you do to help you relax and get ready for a massage.





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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.