Reflections on being healthy at 50

Kathie enjoys regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle

Kathie enjoys regular exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle

Yesterday was my 50th birthday…today has me thinking about what constitutes good health for me as I enter my second half of a century of life on this planet:

Kathie’s Top Ten Strategies for Living Well at Age 50:

1. I have a job that I love and that brings me great satisfaction. Being a Massage Therapist just plain makes me happy!

2. I divide my time effectively between friends, family, various commitments, and time alone. I am careful and aware of when any of those categories feels in deficit or out of balance, and I make sure that I make time for myself daily such that I have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to give to others.

3. I read and write daily. This is partly how I keep the balance of time outs for myself, to revive and rejuvenate and escape into great reading and daily writing.

4. I moderate the amount of caffeine and sugar that I consume in my diet. I don’t tend toward extremes of no this or that, but both caffeine and sugar have their necessary limits as well as addictive components to them, and therefore I am careful how much of each I ingest.

5. I don’t eat gluten and I do take a probiotic every day. These are dietary choices that really make a significant difference for me in both joint inflammation and gastrointestinal functioning.

6. I eat tons of fruits and vegetables every day. This is another dietary commitment that works very effectively for me, and it also makes me happy to eat fresh and local produce.

7. I don’t drink alcohol. I have not always been a non-drinker, but I have found that I feel healthier and less bogged down in my life when I don’t drink.

8. I exercise almost daily in some capacity. I mix and match between biking, hiking, walking, yoga, and Pilates. I have found that I feel much stronger, more like myself and able to manage stress and pain when I do a bit of something every day.

9. I check in with myself often throughout the day as I go about my life.…To see how I am feeling, am I taking good care, am I being respectful and kind to myself and others.

10. I get regular massages!…Because I am absolutely sold on the benefit of care-taking my body on a regular basis, and for me that means regular massage in addition to the above named habits of healthy living.

I have found all of these strategies work very well for me, and allow me to feel the best at this time of my life that I have ever felt.

What are your favorite tricks for living a healthy life? Are there some you would like to change or add?

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.