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What causes you to feel most healthy?

In looking back on the things that I have pursued most passionately in my life, they are all about creating optimum health in life. I started Girls on the Run here in Bellingham in 2001. That holistic training program for Girls is now very successfully run by the YMCA in Bellinham. That was followed by becoming a Life Coach with Field Your Dreams, and a Fitness Coach at the BAC. I volunteered with the Whatcom Physical Activity Coalition to promote Healthy Lifestyle Programs in Whatcom County.

As referenced in my last post “Why I became a Massage Therapist”, I had to take a break in there to deal with some of my own health issues and concerns. While on break and working at Starbucks for 6 years, I never lost my passion for overall health and wellness and I continued to look for ways to maintain a very healthy lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. I have always found inspiring others toward better health and a higher quality of life to be something I do well and I really enjoy, so much so that I have now made it my life’s purpose.

I became a Massage Therapist to implement a segment of this…using body work to increase the body’s functionality, promote calmness and relaxation, help to treat injuries and conditions brought on by life, and to help reduce acute and chronic pain. I see massage therapy as a very important part of a healthy and whole person.

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.

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