“Have a good RIGHT NOW!”

Kathie and her son Kyle snowshoeing at Mt. Baker

Kathie and her son Kyle enjoying a good Right Now at Mt. Baker

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2014, I wanted to share with you my one and only New Year’s Resolution for 2014…to Have a good Right Now! I usually don’t make resolutions, as I aim to do the best I can on a daily basis, but an exchange with a client just days into the new year really got me thinking about how I can be truly present in ALL of the moments of my day.

I had exchanged several texts with this new client to set her up for an appointment for massage to determine length of time, paperwork, etc. At the apparent end of our exchange, she sent a text that I read as “Have a good right now”. I was heading out to take my son home after a gym workout with him when I read this, and I told him about the text and how cool I thought that was. People always say “Have a good day”, or “Have a good night”, but I had never heard anyone wish another a good right now. I worked at a coffee shop for 6.5 years, and never once did I wish anyone a good right now, or hear that from a customer!

I kept thinking about this, on the short drive to and from dropping off Kyle, and when I got home I responded to my client by text– “I like it, and I will!” I even went so far as to google Have a Good Right Now, and the only thing that came up was a snippet from a celebrity blog during her stay at a rehab clinic! That’s it, there was no Have a Good Right Now Movement that I could determine, and I decided to make that my motto for 2014.

Here is what that looks like for me. In 2014 and moving forward, I plan to focus my energy on the here and now and let it be as good as it can be, as truly that is all we have for sure, the right now. This is not a new concept for me or anyone else, but putting this into practice is much easier for me at times than others. I can do this right now thing very effectively in some instances and less so in others.

I am really good at focussing on exactly what I am up to while giving massage (my “motto” helps me there tremendously…One massage at a time)…and it is easy for me to fully be with each client, in tune with their body and energy and how that connects with mine and the universal energetic forces we all share. I can do it in conversations with people and during times of interaction where I am deeply engaged. I can do it in a yoga class or an intense work out where deliberate focus is required. I can definitely do it in the mountains or other natural environments where beauty is present and I am entranced with the obvious wonder of the moment.

I am less effective at having a good right now during times of transition…getting from point A to point B, or point Z. Transitions have always been difficult for me, as I suspect they are for many people. I don’t so much enjoy the getting from place to place, I just want to be there. I struggle sometimes to GET to my office to start my work day. I find it challenging to transition from client to client if I cut myself short on time, and I just want to be settled in with the next client. I experience the same unsettlement at the end of my work day, leaving the office and transitioning into my home life or whatever comes after. I definitely struggle with life’s BIG transitions, even though I realize that the completion of them determine’s the direction of my life in very powerful ways. In sum, I tend to have some “transitional dread” in my life, both for the daily inevitable transitions, and certainly for life’s big transitions. And yet these transitions are an inevitable part of life, and there is no avoiding them. There is no time like now to learn how to embrace these transitions as welcome parts of my right now.

What I am working on, then, for 2014 is to do my best to enjoy all my right nows for what they have to offer, even the challenging transitional ones. To remember in each moment that the moment is IT, there is no other, and I may as well make the most of it. That is my New Year’s intention, to start a Have a Good Right Now Movement…and I hope you will join me in this endeavor!

Humorous Postscript: After all of this, I went back and re-read the text from my client that started all of this, and it actually said “Have a good NIGHT now”! Attribute it to old eyes, reading texts and responding hastily, or just the universe conspiring to start a new movement…the momentum has started now, and there is no turning back now!

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.

3 Comments to ““Have a good RIGHT NOW!””

  1. Kendra says:

    I embrace the “here and right now” motto. I have spent much of my life not being present minded; therefore I embrace all that I can I finding the here and now. Your massages keep me present minded and I appreciate each and everyone. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bob says:

    Just read your post and got a good giggle at the end. :o) The neck is much improved, thank you! Look forward to more sessions. Thanks!

  3. Ken says:

    I absolutely love your motto Kathie!