Reflections on my First Year…

Kathie Tupper

Kathie loves giving massages at her office in Fairhaven

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary of graduating from Massage School. The date and significance was on my mind as I started my day yesterday, totally exhausted and spent from a week of giving 40 hours of massage the previous week. One year ago, if anyone had told me I would be able to do that, or give nearly 1000 massages in my first year, or touch the number of lives and bodies and souls I have had the honor to connect with in the last year, I would have told them they were completely nuts. And yet that, and so much more, has happened, and I am not only making my living as a full-time LMP, I am absolutely loving it, finding my niche, and learning and growing more into that everyday.

Yesterday started out rough, and I have to say I was thankful that all but one of my clients had rescheduled for the day. I thought I was going to have an easy day with just one new client and the rest catch up time. I scurried past a woman on the street with my heavy basket of linens, purse, lunch, iPad, and all my other belongings, nearly running into her. I arrived at my office door just before our appointed time, and, as I rushed about distractedly preparing my space, I found myself wondering about my client. I knew she had some health issues I was a little nervous about. For the first time in my private practice, I actually hoped for a no show as the time got closer and no one arrived. Right on schedule, a woman appeared from the bathroom, my client, the same woman I had nearly knocked over on the street in my haste to arrive and get on with my day!

Suffice it to say, in that instant, everything changed for me about my day. I knew with certainty that I owed it to this woman, and all of my clients, to step away from my own worries, concerns, fears, personal drama, aches and pains, everything that was a possible distraction, and to just focus on her, her needs, and how I could help. She did have significant health concerns and pain, such that the massage was not my typical 90 minute full body relaxation and treatment massage. It was a creation of what needed to happen, an unfolding of what her body needed and my ability to sense that and work with her, a dance of sorts where the entire experience became a nearly wordless team effort as we spent that 90 minutes connecting on a multitude of levels.

At the end of the massage and throughout the remainder of my day, I felt absolutely thankful for that experience, for that client, and for each and every massage experience and client that has lead me to this moment of certainty and grace. I am so looking forward to what the year ahead will bring!

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.