On being Found and Lost

I had an incredible day of opposites yesterday. I spent the morning and afternoon doing direct marketing in Fairhaven and areas surrounding downtown Bellingham. I handed out and posted fliers, talked with lots of people about massage and why I am so keen on it, and got a couple of new clients just from those conversations. The more I talk to people and share my passion and the more massages I give, the more that I am absolutely certain that I have FOUND my calling!

After this, and in direct contrast, I went on a hike in the dark up on Galbraith Mt. to unwind and process my day of marketing. I have hiked the same hill for 20 years, it’s just up and back down three steep hills. I thought I knew the area like the palms of my hands! I had a flashlight and phone and a down jacket. Somehow, and I don’t know how, I got confused when I turned around to come down. It was very foggy and quite cold and icy, and I was focussed on the ground under my feet. Soon I realized that the road was not familiar and I knew I was going a different way down than I had gone up. I followed that road and it dead-ended, as the area is heavily logged right now and many roads lead nowhere. I went back up, tried a different logging road, three more times down and up, and each time I quietly realized that I had no idea how to get down. I didn’t panic, I called some friends and I called 911. When the 911 operator asked me if I could see lights of the city or hear noise of traffic, I had to say no. As she asked, though,I turned around to look at the road I hadn’t travelled, the one I thought was certainly wrong. A car passed by below and I saw headlights! The ONLY house in the vicinity was the destination of that car, driving by at that moment that I turned to look through the thick dense fog.

I knew then that I was FOUND AGAIN, and I managed to work my way through a maze of driveways and private roads and finally ended up back on a known street and my friends picked me up. What a day to experience the wild swings of absolute certainty and losing my bearings completely and finally the relief of finding my way again.

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