Why I became a Massage Therapist

I thought this was a great place to start with my weekly postings. I am no spring chicken, and I have done many things with my life, but becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist sits at or near the top of the list of meaningful accomplishments! I have always believed in the value of touch in healing and recovery and feeling whole in myself. I started receiving massage therapy back in the mid-1990’s from a therapist, NOT coincidentally, in the very same building where I now have my office. I was training madly for marathons which I would never even start, let alone complete, due to my own structural breakdown that inevitably occurred with running that much. I LOVE running, and still run some, but my body is not meant to do marathons. My body really likes massage, however, and I have received regular massage ever since then as part of a long and complex healing from multiple orthopedic injuries, surgeries, setbacks, and times where I could barely exercise or even function in my life because of the backlog of stuff in my body and mind that kept me returning to ground zero to start all over again. I was and can still be very stubborn and not always get the message quickly, and it took years of trying to do too much, train too much, not listen effectively to what my body was telling me, until I finally realized that I couldn’t always do what I thought I should be able to do. Through multiple revisions of activity, and admittedly getting much smarter about the process and knowing my body’s limitations, I have settled on a level of activity that is reasonable, doable, and sustainable for me. Massage has been a big part of this process. I never expected that I would take it on as my profession, however, until the day that my partner asked me if I had ever thought about doing this for a living as I was rubbing his neck and shoulders after a ski trip several winter’s ago. The seed was already planted, and that was all the encouragement I needed to start whole-heartedly pursuing the goal of becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. I jumped in full-bore without a moment’s hesitation to do just that, and the rewards have been and continue to be huge! My goal as a massage therapist is to help others find, implement, and stay on a course that allows them to be as healthy and active as their bodies can allow, and getting regular massage can and does help keep things loose and moving and functional. It’s NEVER too late to start massage, regardless of where you are in your life…it can and does make a difference and it has been a key part in allowing me to find and keep the kind of healthy lifestyle that works for me. It can do the same for you too!

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.

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