The Nearly Perfect Day


Rhodies in the rain

Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day we set out to remember those who have served and helped our country and made a difference in our world. For some, it’s a time of visiting gravesides and serious remembrances, for others, a time of family picnics and gatherings. For me, since I had neither of those things going on, it was a day to celebrate being alive through everything I did throughout my day.

The day started out with a morning bike ride with a friend, that was completed just before the rain started. What a pleasure to exercise one’s body and enjoy companionship and escape the incoming rain all by 11 am! Then to my office in Fairhaven for a couple massages with some of my favorite clients, while tourists and locals bustled about outside with their umbrellas and rain jackets and children enjoying the holiday despite the rain.

I had hoped and planned to ride my bike to my next appointment, which was an outcall on the very top of Academy Road, which, if you are a biker or familiar with town, you will know that it is a one-mile very steep ascent. Unfortunately, the rain never let up and I decided to not push my luck and drove to my appointment there instead. I was greeted by a family of 14 baby ducks, merely four days old, and their momma’s and daddy. Yes, one daddy and two mom’s have lived on this property for several years and nest there yearly. The property is also home to numerous Wood Ducks and Hummingbirds and a Pileated Woodpecker, all of whom were busily snacking and visible through the windows as I massaged and watched and listened to the rain. I am always struck by how peaceful and calming nature is, especially in the quiet of a soft rain.

This theme continued as I drove to Lake Padden to finish up my nearly perfect day with a walk around the 2.8 mile super popular trail, and did not see ONE SOUL in the just-washed freshness as the rain finally stopped falling as I got there. It was incredibly quiet and peaceful, with only the ripples of jumping fish to disturb the perfect glass of the lake. I returned home just before dark to my faithful kitty Abbye, made a good meal, and reflected on my day. No day is perfect, I really wished my other kitty Georgia had been found (there had been a possible sighting earlier in the day, but to no avail), I felt a bit sad and lonely at times as I watched all of the family gatherings and activities and a part of me longed to be doing that, and I, like so many others, wished the sun had come out to cheer the day.

But what I realized, as I took it all in and pondered it all, is that the imperfections are what made the day perfect. Someone once said that perfection is the enemy of good enough, and this day was more than good enough. It WAS just perfect. I went to bed fulfilled and thankful for friends, family, my clients and passion for my job, and for the rain and the beauty that it brought and the peace it had restored to my soul.

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Kathie Tupper is a Licensed Massage Therapist and the owner of this website.